From the beginning to the great deluge, men and women lived, loved, fought, and died. Those were the days of the Vaporous Realms.

Rival clans and city-states vie for supremacy. Earthly lords war over lands of shadow and mist. Empires span vast steppes and deserts. Vicious raiders menace coastlines from the tundra to tropical isles. Conspiracies and cults abound.

In the Vaporous Realms, generations of mortals and immortals contend for power and souls across a young world. Strange and terrible beasts, and stranger and more terrible beings, roam the land. Life is fleeting, but when the kingdoms of heaven and earth hang in the balance, every breath counts.

Encompassing seven epochs and five clashing civilizations, the story-cycles of the Vaporous Realms—Dustsong, Northsong, Southsong, Eastsong, and Westsong—are epic in scope. Yet every snippet comes from a profoundly human place.

I write “clean” (PG to PG-13), somewhat dark fantasy. I’ve taken to calling it “sword and spirit”: most of the particular stories fit best in the “sword and sorcery” subgenre, but supernatural power in the Vaporous Realms is spiritual rather than magical in the usual sense. Taken together, though, these little stories fit within an epic whole—so the story-world includes aspects of high fantasy.

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About the Author

Vaporous Realms author M. B. Heywood is a wandering storyteller and editor from a little ways south of the Mason-Dixon. He loves his Lord, his wife, their kith and kin, coffee and pie, fantasy fiction, miniature models, and historical anecdotes.

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I offer practical editorial advice to writers and editors. I also publish "sword & spirit" fantasy stories set in the Vaporous Realms: "The chosen ones have already fallen. Now mortals and immortals contend for power and souls across a young world."